A Saturday Crossword Puzzle

A small crossword puzzle.

This is an existentialist homage to the New York Times crossword puzzles typically offered Thursday through Saturday. The theme of this puzzle: "Franz Kafka". 


1. A popular musical group of the 1990s?
4. Some new socks, according to a Mainer
9. A schnauzer has one.
14. Number of noodles in a pound?
15. A boy's name that's also a title of nobility
16. My favorite TV show of the late 1970s
17. What "squelch" means to an architect
18. The name of the largest natural satellite orbiting the Earth
20. According to Hopi legend, the largest planet of our solar system
22. Bananas::Big Wheel. Cement::_____
23. The first president of the United States of America, colloquially
24. Brand name of "repositionable notes" introduced by 3M in 1979
27. Actor Brando who played the lead role in the 1972 film "The Godfather"
28. The multi-billion-dollar enterprise founded by Mark Zuckerberg and the subject of the 2010 biopic "The Social Network"


1.  Bush who was president of the United States from 2001 to 2009. 
2.  Automotive Pioneer
3. A popular saying that is also a type of cat food
4. What am I thinking right now?
5. Title character of Sherwood Schwartz comedy about castaways
6. A Canticle for Liebowitz?
7. Sushi wears one of these
8. How many letters?
9. Popular for elephants
10. Form UN General Secretary Thant
11. Sony rival
12. Due + trei
13. Paddington Bear's favorite snack?
19. Month between Jan. and Dec: Abbr.
21. Hot dogs sold at ballparks
25. United States: Abbr.
26. Eight great notes.