On the Blasphemy Challenge: A Quakerly Perspective

Over the past few years many people participated in the "Blasphemy Challenge", which asked people to submit a video denouncing the Holy Spirit. I found this quite absurd.

Emergent Religion

Consider a world where Christianity had died out shortly after the canonical Bible was ratified in the 3rd century. If someone were to find the Bible in 2011 and consider it sacred scripture, what would a faith based on that book be like? Would the values, priorities and worship practices be familiar to us?  Is Christianity defined by the Bible or is the Bible defined by Christianity? Or is it both. If so then is one more dominant than the other?

Faith vs. Idolatry

If God were to come to you directly and contradict what is written in the Bible, would you believe God or the Bible? At what point does embracing scripture become idolatry that blinds you to the workings of the divine in the world?

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