Gluten Free for the Holidays

When people first think of gluten-free foods they think of dishes that would have gluten-based grain, but have had it substituted with epoxy or gypsum. Or they think of rice porridge with a raisin (maybe two). Or perhaps they think of some exotic dish that makes you choke because it is made of puree of okra with xanthan gum, adzuki beans and durian wrapped in oak leaves. (And stored under the deck for 3 weeks in August). Served on a nest of undercooked quinoa. Speaking of buried foods, lutefisk is gluten free. At least it is until you put that gross white sauce on top of it. Instead try it with curry. In fact the best way to prepare Lutefisk is as follows. After soaking the fish in lye solution and then clear water for several days, set it aside. Make a roux with white all-purpose flour, butter, lard, cheese, egg and shortening. And salt.  Make your favorite savory curry, add diced potatoes and chick peas or chunks of sautéed tofu. Serve over basmati rice. Enjoy. Next, take the roux and use it to tuckpoint the mortar in your chimney. It really needs it. Or maybe just see if it burns. It might. Wouldn't that be cool? Finally, use the lye water to clean the enamel surfaces of your stove. Be sure to wear gloves and protective goggles! Avoid getting the lye solution on aluminum or any metal for that matter.