Proposed NPR Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle

Take the first and last names of two famous football players. Swap the second letter of each player's first and last name (i.e. Joe Namath would become Jae Nomath). Then swap the last letter of each player's first and last names with the last letter of the other player's first and last name. Now take the latin species name of a common songbird of the north eastern US. Add the middle three letters of the bird's species name to the last names of the football players. You should have a total of four words in two pairs. Select one of the name pairs and drop the other. Now take the name of a famous 19th century poet and the most well-known poem by that poet. Using the name of the poet and the first line of the poem, create an anagram of a backbench 1960s British MP. You should have a total of five words at this point. With these words you should be have an anagram of a popular saying that could apply to the football players, the song bird, the poet and the politician. What is the saying? [I originally posted this a note on my Facebook account on 14 June 2009]