Suggestions to Microsoft for Windows 8

(I originally posted this on Facebook for Windows 7, same rules apply) Microsoft is preparing to release their next version of Windows Operating system this fall. Given the insufficient number of versions available for Windows Vista, I thought I might make some suggestions for more configurations. Everyone loves choice, so we should have more choices! This is partly inspired by the new Windows Basic edition which will purportedly restrict the number of apps one can run to 6 or something. [OEM=Original Equipment Manufacturer--Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc pay a significantly lower price for the Windows licenses that they sell with their equipment. You can sometimes buy OEM-priced versions of Windows from build-your-own PC parts vendors if you pay for some piece of hardware with your purchase such as a couple screws]

Windows Basic and Netbook Editions

  • Windows Basic Advanced
    • allows 2 more apps to be installed over the Basic edition
    • SRP $100/OEM $25
  • Windows Netbook Edition
    • fully featured, requires lifetime non-compete contract with users with ability to place liens on user property if in non-compliance--such as using Ubuntu--ankle bracelets included
    • SRP FREE/OEM Microsoft pays panufacturer $300 per license in exchange for promise not to even think about any other operating system.

Windows Home Editions

  • Windows Home Advanced
    • Shareware can be removed
    • $230/OEM $20
  • Windows Home Basic Advanced
    • Keyboard ready
    • SRP $250/OEM $120
  • Windows Home Premium Advanced
    • Allows use of Google, Gmail, Yahoo, and non-microsoft apps
    • SRP $350/OEM $349
  • Windows Home Advanced Supra Extreme Limited
    • Allows limiting of system tray reminiders to only "useful reminders"
    • SRP $3700/OEM $1000
  • Windows Home Secure Advanced Premium Limited "Lock Down Edition"
    • Six anti-malware tools come permanently installed, no networking, no removable media, no USB Ports
    • SRP $50/OEM $15

Windows Multimedia Editions

  • Windows Multimedia Basic Advanced
    • millions of colors
    • SRP $200/OEM $110
  • Windows Basic Multimedia Premium
    • Allows use of the second half of a dual-core processor
    • SRP $220/OEM $130
  • Windows Multimedia Premium Advanced
    • stereophonic sound
    • SRP $275/OEM $195

Windows Business Editions

  • Windows Business Basic
    • printing
    • SRP $200/OEM $130
  • Windows Business Basic Limited
    • networking peer-to-peer only
    • SRP $225/OEM $160
  • Windows Business Classic Advanced Basic
    • shared file transmission size increased to 8K
    • SRP $250/OEM $180
  • Windows Business Basic Advanced Classic
    • Ctrl-key Ready
    • SRP $295/OEM $190
  • Windows Simple Basic Advanced Premium Extended Limited
    • Function Key ready
    • SRP $300/OEM $200
  • Windows Business Professional Advanced Extreme Extended Premium Limited
    • File sharing comes standard
    • SRP $375/OEM $275

Windows Corporate Editions

  • Windows Corporate Advanced Client
    • Client access license CAL for connecting to server half-price with purchase of 500 or more licenses
    • SRP $500/OEM $300
  • Windows Cloud Computing Edition
    • Uses the new, hip term "Cloud Computing"--features will be added once the concept is understood. Any licensing fees Microsoft then develops for Cloud-related features will be included in the price of this edition
    • SRP $600/OEM $350

Windows Non-Profit and School Editions

  • Windows Non-Profit/Education
    • Same as Windows Business Professional Advanced Extreme, Organizations are required to hire IT staff who demonstrate either an outdated view or a complete lack of awareness of other operating systems. Microsoft Licensing Specialist provided at significantly reduced rate!
    • SRP Free for first dose, next dose is $10, subsequent doses increase $5/year per user, non-compete contract required same as Netbook Edition.

Windows Server Editions

  • Due to the 30 configurations available for Windows Server, this will not be discussed here.