MEMO: Federation Dress Requirements Update

Per the United Federation of Planet's Starfleet Quartermaster Report 2369.623 new uniforms for crew will be issued over the next 6 Earth months and destributed to all star bases for retrieval for starships on mission. Starships will retrieve the new uniforms during the regular resupply schedule. The uniforms, in conforming with the styles for crew identifying as female, standard work uniforms for men shall be short shorts with the following dimensions:

  • The pant legs shall be descend not more more than 2cm below the crotch point. 
  • The waist shall be not more than 2 cm above the crest of the hips. 
  • The material shall be of hypoallergenic organopropalyeprene-5 stretch material to provide breathability and fit to form. 
  • T-Shirts shall be made of a similar material and be form-fitting. Crew will be given a shirt one size smaller than their size on record. 
  • Crew will be given the option to wear black hose to cover their legs. 
  • Black boots with black calf-length socks remain as before and are required for away teams.
  • Sandals are allowable while on regular ship duties except in areas where safety restrictions are in place.
  • Socks must be worn at all times

Full quartermaster report is available upon request. 

Respectfully submitted,

Major Lois T'Flug-Johnsox, Starfleet Quartermaster